International Vocal Art Competition

Golden Angel

( Los Angeles, USA )

Golden Angel International Vocal Competition

The competition is dedicated to the theatre, cinema, and musical and performing arts. The repertoire focus should lie on classical, rock, jazz, and pop operas, musicals, cartoons, and theater music. As well as being presented in a way that allows the artist to demonstrate his/her personal stage presence, acting, and ability to find the uniqueness of the song, its presentation, and interpretation.


The competition will be broadcast live on March 27, 2022.



  • Soloists;

  • Duets;

  • Ensembles.

  • A Cappella (ensembles)



  • Musical theater- MUSICAL THEATER (song from musical, movie, cartoon) – an acting embodiment of a musical number with elements of theaterization

  • Opera – performances range from solo arias to choral pieces

  • Musical – performances range from solo to ensemble pieces.

  • Pop – performances range from solo to ensemble pieces.

  • Rock – performances range from solo to ensemble pieces.

  • Jazz – performances range from solo to ensemble pieces.



  • Children – 3 to 6 y.o. incl.

  • Juniors – 7 to 9 y.o.

  • Juniors – 10 to 13 y.o.

  • Seniors – 14 to 17 y.o.

  • Adolescents – 18 to 21 y.o.

  • Masters – 22 + y.o.

  • If necessary, a mixed age group shall be added.



– In order to evaluate the performances, a jury composed of famous cultural and artistic figures from the USA shall be created;

– The jury shall evaluate the performances according to the following criteria: vocal skills, repertoire selection, acting, costuming, microphone work (if any), camera work, a general impression of performance, articulation, stage skills, artistry, etc.

– the results shall be announced directly on air after each performance.

Jury members:



  • Dr. Joseph Curiale ( USA )

    A nearly thirty-year member of the Hollywood entertainment community, and the first staff songwriter in Columbia Pictures’ history, Dr. Joseph Curiale is an Emmy Award-nominated composer, arranger, orchestrator, and producer of music for film, TV, audio recordings, and live performances. Having worked with nearly all major and independent film companies in Hollywood (Columbia Pictures, Warner Brothers Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Disney, Tri-Star, and more), and with more than 100 artists to his credit, from Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, Quincy Jones, Santana, Little Richard, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Nancy Wilson, Trisha Yearwood, to opera star Kathleen Battle, Dr. Curiale also composed, arranged, and produced music for nearly 100 TV episodes, popular recordings, and such hit movies as Steve Martin’s Roxanne. He received his first of several gold and platinum records for his contribution to the #1 motion picture the soundtrack, Breakin’ (Breakdance), which introduced break dancing to the world and also received a gold record for his work on Vanessa William’s debut album, The Right Stuff. Doc Severinsen selected him to be one of the Jazz arranger/composers for NBC’s Tonight Show band from 1981 until Johnny Carson’s final show in May 1992, a wonderful eleven-year tenure in which one of his big band compositions, Sick of the Blues, became the closing theme.

    More about Dr. Curiale HERE!



  • David Post ( USA )

    David Post has been teaching music and theatre since 1988. He has directed and produced over fifty musicals with young people and produced over 1000 performances. He holds a California K-12 vocal and instrumental teaching credential, a master’s degree in choral music from Northern Arizona University, and a bachelor’s degree in music education from UOP Conservatory of Music. He was chair of middle school choral music repertoire and standards for the California American Choral Directors Association and head judge for California Music Educators Association choral music festivals. David founded and led a performing arts company,, in Bellingham, Washington, starting in 2005, successfully bringing arts instruction into the lives of over 1000 young people annually for ten years. More recently, David has turned his focus to studying and performing jazz, both in the USA and in Russia. His passion still lies in seeing the eyes of a young person light up when he or she gets moved by their own innate artistic voice coming forward.

    More about David Post HERE!



  • Renee Fassbinder ( USA )

Renee Fassbinder a.k.a. Ms. Joy is the director of the Vocal Joy Studio and has taught hundreds of voices from across the globe beginning in 1996. Her beginning foundation started in 2000, being certified by Seth Riggs and Speech Level Singing International. Ms. Joy is a master teacher in high demand in Hawaii. She also continues her thirst for knowledge and study of the habilitation of the voice. Ms. Joy creates a safe and comforting atmosphere with her humor. She loves people and welcomes all ages of all levels that want to build strength, coordination, and agility so that they may access their own artistry, whether it be Pop, Rock, Musical Theater, or Jazz. She also has rehabilitated a vast array of injuries, including vocal nodules, paralyzed folds, vocal cysts, hoarseness due to excessive talking, etc. Renee is a consummate performer performing all around Hawaii and California.

Dr. Joseph Curiale ( USA )
David Post ( USA )
Renee Fassbinder Joy Fields



– The list of winners will be posted on the competition website no later than 06:00 p.m. (USA time Los Angelis) on 28 MARCH 2022:

– each participant in the competition shall receive an electronic diploma of participation. The diploma will not contain the indication “online participation” and the venue will be Los Angeles, USA;

– the Grand Prix may or may not be awarded by decision of the jury;

– the winner of the Grand Prix shall receive a cash prize of 100 Euros, an electronic diploma and a trophy.

– The Grand Prix shall automatically be awarded to the teacher whose student has won the Grand Prix, as decided by a vote of the jury among all the participants who have received a total of 30 points.

GRAND PRIX statuette, diploma ( certificate ), and a cash prize of 100 Euro, determined by deliberation of the jury among all participants awarded Laureate 1 with a full score of 30 points.

GRAND PRIX for teacher – statuette, diploma ( certificate ) and a cash prize of 100 Euro. The prize is awarded to the teacher whose student has won the Grand Prix.



  • Application Deadline: 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, March 17, 2022

  • Applications should be submitted on the Competition website

  • The festival organiser reserves the right to cancel the competition ( or individual nominations ) in the absence of the necessary number of participants to conduct a fair and decent competition.



  • Feedback from one or more jury members of the participant’s preference. Includes a 2 – 5 minute video where the selected jury member(s) shall give their opinion on the participant’s performance.

  • Video consultation with jury member(s) of the participant’s discretion. This is a 30-minute video session on ZOOM, Skype or similar platform where the participant can ask questions about his/her performance, singing and stage performance in general. The consultation shall take place AFTER the end of the competition.

  • Online lesson on ZOOM, Skype or similar platform with jury member(s) qt the participant’s discretion. It consists of a 30-minute session where the participant will have a class on a previously agreed subject.

  • A special letter of appreciation is addressed to an organization or person, prepared on the competition letterhead and signed by the competition director.

  • A special diploma for the teacher or participant indicating participation in the competition prepared on competition letterhead and bearing the signature of the competition director.

  • Participation in a webinar for participants with a leading member of the jury.

  • Participation in a webinar for teachers with a leading member of the jury.



– Soloists – 25 Euro per performance;

– Duets – 30 Euro per performance;

– Ensembles up to 5 people – 55 Euro per performance;

– Ensembles of 6 to 9 people – 90 Euro per performance;

– Ensembles of 10 to 14 people – 126 Euro per performance;

– Ensembles of more than 15 people – 140 Euro fper performance.



A maximum of THREE nominations per soloist or ensemble is allowed. The nominations should be different.



By 12:00 a.m. on 01.02.2022 payment of 20% of the participation price! – Promo code – GAngel20

From 02.03.2022 to 12:00 a.m. on 11.03.2022 – 10%! – Promo code – Gangel10

From 12.03.2022 to 12:00 a.m. on 22.03.2022 – The price will not be modified!

No applications will be accepted after 24:00 on 22.03.2022!


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