Terms and Conditions

of participation in the International

Vocal Art Competition


Golden Orchid

English Golden Orchid COMPETITION

These terms and conditions

regulate the rules of conducting

the International Online Vocal Art Competition

“Golden Orchid”


The competition will be broadcast live on January 30, 2022.


FROM DECEMBER 20, 2021 TO JANUARY 23, 2022

Dr. Martin Karnolsky

Founders and Organizers

The founder and Organizer of the Competition is Karnolsky Educational Services represented by its director Mr. Martin Karnolsky (Bulgaria / Singapore) hereinafter referred to as the Organizer.


Partner of the Competition is the independent non-profit cultural organization Школа талантов (organizing the broadcast, assigning points to the jury on the air).


Participants in the Competition


The competition is open to amateur vocal ensembles, individual performers, students and professionals with no age limit.




  • Soloists;

  • Duets;

  • Ensembles.


  • Pop song

  • Folk song and modern interpretation of folk song

  • Classical singing

  • Choral singing

  • Jazz and blues

  • Rock and rock and roll

  • A Cappella


  • Children – 3 to 6 y.o. incl.

  • Juniors – 7 to 9 y.o.

  • Juniors – 10 to 13 y.o.

  • Seniors – 14 to 17 y.o.

  • Adolescents – 18 to 21 y.o.

  • Masters – 22 + y.o.

  • If necessary, a mixed age group shall be added.


– the duration of the musical works must not exceed 4 minutes (in case of exceeding this time the Organizer shall have the right to interrupt the performance);
– each collective and individual performer is eligible to participate in maximum three nominations (a separate application must be submitted for each nomination);
– in each nomination, each collective or individual performer is allowed to submit ONLY one musical work.
– recorded backing vocals, recorded melody in unison or in interval are not allowed, recorded voice in unison is prohibited;
– competition performances are accompanied by an instrumental without recorded main voice ( minus ), live accompaniment or a cappella.
– ensembles shall perform Part Singing: duets – two voices, other forms at least three voices, middle group – at least two voices, junior group ensembles – one voice;
– the evaluations of the participants shall be announced immediately after their performance;
– the order of competition performances shall be determined by lot;
– if necessary, the Organizer shall reserve the right to make amendments and additions to the terms and conditions of the competition;
– in the “Ensembles” category the composition of the participants must meet at least 70% of the age group requirements.

Mandatory competition video requirements:

– The duration of the musical works must not exceed 4 minutes (in case of exceeding this time the Organizer shall have the right to interrupt the video);
– a link to YouTube with the “live” performance shall be added to the application form;
– the video must have been made in the last 365 days;
– the camera should be positioned frontally and showing the performer in full height;
– videos from other competitions are not eligible;
– video with sound or video editing shall not be not allowed unless it is a video of a TV appearance.



– A jury consisting of famous cultural and artistic figures from different countries around the world shall be created to evaluate the performances;

– The jury shall evaluate the performances according to the following criteria: Vocal skills, repertoire selection, acting, costuming, microphone work ( if available ), camera work, a general impression of performance, articulation, stage skills, etc.

– all jury reports shall be sent to the Organizer;

– the responsibility for the composition of the jury and the control over its work shall be assigned to the Organizer;

– each member of the jury shall have the right to vote, to participate in deliberations until a decision has been made by all members of the jury;

– the jury would not take into account the material opportunities, social belonging, nationality, and residence of the participants – only their creativity on absolutely equal conditions ;

– the jury’s decision is final and not negotiable;

– the foreman of the jury will have the right under extreme conditions to veto the general decision of the jury and to adopt his decision in the interests of children, teachers, and the Competition.

Dr. Martin Karnolsky
Angelina Choo
•	Diane Gallardo

Jury members

  • Martin Karnolsky ( Bulgaria - Singapore ) - foreman. Producer, PhD in Theater Sciences and Arts, teacher of vocal and stage behavior, music author, musician and actor.
  • Angelina Choo-Sassarak ( Singapore ) – singer, teacher with over 20 years of experience with children, adults and people with special needs. Founder of The A Cappella Society - concerts and training programmes reaching over 100,000 students in Singapore. She has performed at The Esplanade in Singapore and overseas in Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia, USA and the Netherlands.
  • Diane Gallardo ( Colombia - China ) - Diane is a professional singer and teacher certified by Voice College - UK. She has more than 15 years of experience in vocal performing arts. She has performed on three continents - Latin America, Europe and Asia. She is the creator of a training program on the principles of modern singing for beginners.

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Performance Evaluation


– The jury shall evaluate the participants according to a 30-point system;

– the sum of the scores of all jury members shall determine the position in the final ranking of the participant;

– each member of the jury shall individually evaluate each participant immediately after his/her performance and shall decide on the award of the title Laureate 1st, 2nd or 3rd Degree or Graduate 1st, 2nd or 3rd Degree;

– the results shall be announced directly on air after each performance;

– the jury shall deliberate after the end of all the stages of the Competition and shall decide on the award of the Grand Prix among the participants who have obtained the maximum number of 90 points.


– The list of winners will be posted on the competition website no later than 06:00 p.m. (Bulgarian time) on 31 JANUARY 2022:
– each participant in the competition shall receive an electronic diploma of participation. The diploma will not contain the indication “online participation” and the venue will be Singapore;
– the Grand Prix may or may not be awarded by decision of the jury;
– the winner of the Grand Prix shall receive a cash prize of 120 Euros, an electronic diploma and a trophy.

Participant registration:


• Application Deadline: 11:59 p.m. on January 23, 2022
• Applications should be submitted on the Competition website www.martinkarnolsky.com/golden-orchid
• The Festival Organizer reserves the right to cancel the competition ( or individual nominations ) in the absence of the necessary number of participants to conduct a fair and decent competition.

Prices for participation in the Competition:


– Soloists – 20 Euro per performance;

– Duets – 13 Euro for each participant for performance;

– Ensembles up to 5 people – 11 Euro for each participant per performance;

– Ensembles from 6 to 9 people – 7 Euro for each participant per performance;

– Ensembles from 10 to 14 people – 5 Euro for each participant per performance;

– Ensembles from 15 people – 4 Euro for each participant per performance.



A maximum of THREE nominations per soloist or ensemble is allowed.

Early payment is required!!!



By 12:00 a.m. on 10.01.2022 payment of 20% of the participation price! – promo code GORCHID20

From 11.01.2022 to 12:00 p.m. on 17.01.2022 – 10%! – promo code GORCHID10

From 18.01.2022 to 12:00 p.m. on 23.01.2022 – The price will not be modified!

No applications will be accepted after 12:00 p.m. on 23.01.2022!


If you are Singaporean or you are living in Singapore you can use now for your payment PayNow. Pay to Karnolsky Educational Services with EUN 53293616K. Just follow the instructions about the prices bellow.
Prices for participation in the Competition:

– Soloists – 20 ( 30 S$ ) Euro per performance;
– Duets – 26 ( 40 S$ ) Euro per performance;
– Ensembles up to 5 people – 55 ( 85 S$ ) Euro per performance;
– Ensembles from 6 to 9 people – 63 ( 96 S$ ) Euro per performance;
– Ensembles from 10 to 14 people – 70 ( 107 S$ ) Euro per performance;
– Ensembles over 15 people – 80 ( 122 S$ ) Euro per performance.