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To be proficient in the audience, to manage her reactions, to convey your messages and to believe you, to make her follow you in everything – these are just some of the skills that the study of “stage behavior” in my system will give you.

Dr. Martin Karnolsky

What do we see now on the stage?

We see people who dare not open their eyes and look at the audience, reluctant to put at least one hand from the microphone or his stand, one or two gestures, which are repeated to infinity in the song and do not bring any useful information to the viewer. . . The bows are totally misunderstood by the performers and are of the kind “Let’s run, I think they will beat me!”.

More than thirty-five years ago, my father, the composer Dimitar Karnolsky, said to me, “the gesture needs to complement the word and give the viewer more information to paint the picture in the head of the viewer.”

After these words, I began to look around what was happening on the stage when someone sang. The point in time after which I decided that the stage behavior was the thing I wanted to develop and teach others on it came seventeen or eighteen years after my father’s words

I had to read a greeting letter to over nine thousand people at Sports complex “Olympiyskiy” in D. Moscow, Russia. Then, after on stage, my hands began to shake from worry, my knees weak and my eyes did not focus I understood that either I should learn to manage the audience or just never to step on the stage again for any reason.

I began to record my observations,

conclusions, ideas of exercises and variants to avoid comic, stupid, unsubstantiated and incomprehensible elements of the behaviour of artists.

Блог за сценично поведение

After I finished the TKDF of DMA “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov “I started working actively with showbiz musicians in Bulgaria and abroad. My direct contact with them has further enriched my observations and remarks.

After the Music Academy, I graduated with and a Master’s degree in “Marketing” in UNWE. One day I decided to look at what I have collected and found that there is a lot of voluminous and interesting material gathered.

I began to record it in the form of a system of consistent actions and knowledge that must be acquired by the goers on stage. Actually, it turns out I have a book material. I started writing it and realized that this is a very serious endeavor and that I need more knowledge and skills. On the basis of the collected and recorded so far I applied and I was accepted as a Ph.D. student in the NATFA “Krastio Sarafov”.

The future book first went through scientific work and then it was turned into a reading, which is available to anyone who wants to improve their knowledge and skills in the management and the canoe with the audience.

Stage performance for singers
  • This book is valuable in that it teaches singers to direct their own stage performance.
  • This is list item
  • Representing the author’s conclusions based on careful analysis of a number of successful and unsuccessful stage performances of numerous singers of different stature, it gives them the basic knowledge and guidance on how to approach and develop their show from one song to one concert.
  • This is list item
  • It teaches singers how to be more successful on stage, how to be more charismatic and how to manage their audience the way they want.
  • You can find the book in major online bookstores.

The conclusion that emerged clearly was

that everyone can learn a stage behavior that will help in communicating with the audience and its management.

Мартин Кърнолски

. . . Full hall or crowded stadium with an enthusiastic audience.

Everybody chant your name.

The eyes sparkle and the hands count the rhythm of your songs.

Can you imagine that?

If you try to imagine what this feeling will turn out!

The word is success!

Good luck – lasting.

Good luck, which depends only on you!!

If you are not believed, see part of the successes of my over 2500 students in over 30 countries around the world on 4 continents. In social networks is a complete singers who have passed my course in stage behavior.


Familiarize yourself with the opportunity to change to better your behavior on stage, contact with the audience, and its management.

Learn to manage the processes in the audience from the stage during the competition does not sleep.

And at this moment he learns a new repertoire, creates new concepts, ideas and show program of your concerts!

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